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The 17-storey office building at 33 Bloor East was restored and revitalized in 2020 after almost three decades since the building’s opening in 1991. The Postmodern office tower features a reimagined ground floor containing new retail spaces, as well as a modernized lobby to serve the 300,000 ft² office tower above. The project involved major exterior changes at the base of the building, with an enclosure and re-cladding throughout the first two floors of the Bloor Street frontage, and similar recladding for a small portion of the Hayden Street frontage surrounding the south entrance. The plan also included a redesign of ground-level and below-grade interior spaces, featuring a white curved architectural ceiling. Along with the new look, renovations will also bring 8,320 ft² of retail space to the site's Bloor Street East frontage, and an additional 6,264 ft² fronting onto Hayden Street to the south.


Contractor: PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

Location: 33 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON

Year Completed: 2020

​Services Provided:

  • Main Entrance & South Side Vestibules

  • Perforated Panels for Curved Architectural Ceiling

  • Stainless Steel Elevator Door Jambs, Header and Transom

  • Stainless Steel Railings & Glazed Panel Cladding

  • Structural Support for Curved Architectural Ceiling

  • Structural Headers & Fencing

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